Laser Tag Party in Your Own Backyard!

Bring the whole laser tag system to your party!

Classic Fun Center is now offering mobile laser tag parties, with options for kids and adults! 

The guns boast a range of 200 feet, making them perfect for backyards, parks, and even basements! 

Adding Laser Tag to your party is a sure way to make it a hit! Games like capture the flag and king of the hill are easily integrated with the system, making it that much more fun!


1 Hour (10 Guns or 10 Hero Blasts) = $100

2 Hours (10 Guns or 10 Hero Blasts) = $175

3 Hours (10 Guns or 10 Hero Blasts = $225

*Add $25 to any setup to reserve both 10 Guns & 10 Hero Blasts (20 Total)!

To book your party, or for more information, please call us at 801-550-6166