We believe that training should be effective, interesting, and creative. Our training process consists of a set of calculated steps that we believe will help any trainee quickly rise to their full potential. It is vital that every word is studied. We have created tests and challenges through out the process in order to ensure that each section is mastered. We have also added a bit of entertainment to the process in order to keep everyone awake. Training consists of two parts - coaching sessions and iPad sessions. Coaching will happen for 15 minutes at a time on the floor, shadowing a coach as they work. iPad sessions will happen for 30 minutes at a time in back rooms. Here is the process:

iPad Sessions:

  1. Orientation
  2. General Training
  3. Customer Service Training
  4. General Safety Training
  5. Cleanliness/Organization Training
  6. Admissions/Redemption Training
  7. Skate Counter Training
  8. Safety Guard Training
  9. Floor Guard Training
  10. Roo's Cafe Training
  11. Food Preparation Training
  12. Inflatables/Playport Training
  13. Arcade Maintenance Training
  14. Rental Maintenance Training
  15. Classic First-Aid Training
  16. DJ Training (By Invitation)
  17. Birthday Party Training (By Invitation)
  18. Cashier Training (By Invitation)
  19. Shift Management Training (By Invitation)

Coaching Sessions:

  1. Hedgehog Concept
  2. OUR Hedgehog Concept
  3. Passion
  4. What Are We Passionate About?
  5. What Are We Best In The State At?
  6. What Drives Us Financially?
  7. Customer Service
  8. Family Style Atmosphere
  9. Selling Value
  10. Customer Experience - Safety
  11. Customer Experience - Cleanliness
  12. Repeat 1-11

First Day - Closing Session @ The Chocolate


Name *
I agree to complete iPad training sessions 1-15 with my best effort. I agree to listen and learn from my coach in every coaching session. I agree to read every word contained within any training or handbook document. I understand that I am responsible for my own training and will be tested frequently in the training process. I agree to all of Classic Fun Center's policies, including its sexual harassment and discrimination policies. *




In 1978, we opened the doors of our skating rink with a special vision. We believed that every moment in our skating rink would become a great memory. Over 35 years later, we continue to hear memory after memory. The thing is, those memories come back to us. We remain a birthplace for memories from the time a child can walk all the way until they can’t. These memories extend to the incredibly talented individuals that make up our staff. This book is dedicated to them - each and every member of our staff who has worked tirelessly to be a part of the everlasting memories. The work is not done, and we will never stop. This book is an extension of our vision. The principles that guide us are the core of our business. Those guiding principles are plainly described in this book. If you are new to Classic, we welcome you for who you are. It is your personality, your talents, and your energy that will keep us a living memory. Thank you for joining us!


In it since the beginning has been our owner, Scott Henderson. Our culture and business are an extension of him. With every chance he gets, he visits the facility. He tries to be over-bearing, but most of us see him as an easy going fella. His passion for the business sets the standard for the rest of us. He wants nothing more than to see the business succeed as a result of our commitment to our core values. He puts the tools in our hands and gives us the opportunities to make significant contributions across the board. 


Classic Fun Center is a family owned business. As such, we have an owner at the top of our chain of command. The goal as managers and employees is to create an operation where the owner can comfortably visit and not have to worry. The owner's vision and mission should be held by all those who consider themselves a part of the business. It is a family business, and a memory making business. Typically, the owner will assign a general manager to run daily operations. This general manager will then select department and shift managers to help him or her to carry out the owner's vision. Employees are just as important to the business as anyone. Employees become managers and leaders, and will be treated with the same respect from the beginning. We are all team members on the same team looking to accomplish the same vision through the same goals.



The hedgehog concept is the intersection of three circles, which define our vision and business model. We win business by keeping these 3 circles at the forefront of every thing we do. This is where we set ourselves apart from the competition and provide a unique experience for our guests. It only happens if we keep these three circles at the heart of our actions. We give everything we possibly can to the customer because we are passionate about their experience. This creates the best family-style atmosphere on the planet, which ultimately leads to return visits (our economic engine)!



Our hedgehog concept is simple. We are deeply passionate about The Customer Experience. This leads to us being the best at creating a family-style (comfortable) atmosphere. Customers want to return when they are treated like family, therefore making return visits an integral part of our financial engine. Memorize our three circles and what they mean for our business. They should govern how you act in every situation. Passion is constant. If you are passionate about the customer experience, you will never take your mind off of it. 



We are passionate about the customer experience. Obviously, we are going to talk endlessly about the thing we are most passionate about. You will find that the majority of our training is focused on improving the customer experience. If it is boring you, or if it is something you don't feel like you can be passionate about, we strongly encourage you to quit. In fact, we will pay you $20 to quit right now (just ask). 

We are never looking to cheat the customer. We will go out of our way to make their experience the best - even if that means helping them find the best price when we want so badly to up-sell. We are totally in it for the customer. Sometimes we will take a loss in certain situations in order to ensure that the customer is satisfied. We do not have complete control over how the customer interacts with our activities, but we do have complete control over our interaction with the customer. This is where we win. It's really simple, they are family, so treat them as such. 

Our customers need to have the experience that will cause them to come back and refer their friends. Every exiting customer should be viewed from the perspective: "How soon are they coming back? Are they going to tell their friends about how well they were treated?" Ask yourself these questions every time a customer is leaving. 


Our culture is built around the concept of family. We treat each other the same way we treat our customers—as family. We want our workplace relationships to extend beyond the workplace. For years, Classic Fun Center has generated life long relationships because we believe in providing a positive environment where the staff can enjoy each other. We love throwing parties, night games, and even company retreats! Bonding is kind of our thing. We are a tight-knit team! Negativity never lasts in our business, please help us to cultivate an unbeatable positive atmosphere!



The office is the quiet hub of all the action at Classic Fun Center. We do our best to keep it quiet, even though it gets rowdy at times. Something is almost always being worked on in the office, so we try to limit distractions. This means minimizing the amount of times you have to visit the office. At times, the door may be shut. If the door is unlocked, you are free to enter. If the door is locked, you will need to wait to use the office. If work is being done in the office, it is not to be used as a shortcut. The office is home to several activities. At any given time there could be an interview, meeting, or movie going on. We believe in an open door policy - if you have a question or concern, you are welcome in the office. The office is not a lounge for team members on break. Eating in the office must be accompanied by work. 



In order to stay consistent with our culture, every member of the staff needs to feel comfortable at work. Avoiding inappropriate physical contact will keep our work environment comfortable and safe. This will also avoid the issue of customers feeling uncomfortable with the interaction between team members.

  • Employees are not allowed to grab, hug, kiss, or in any way touch another team member beyond the contact that is necessary to do their job, even if the other person is okay with it.
  • Keep physical contact between team members to a good old-fashioned handshake or a Classic high five.
  • Due to strict harassment laws, being involved in any of the above behavior may result in disciplinary action including probation and/or termination.


Just like with physical contact, it is important that team members and customers can feel comfortable with the language of the staff. We are in the business of creating the best family-style atmosphere!

  • Be professional! Swearing, foul, abusive and/or offensive language will not be tolerated.
  • Inappropriate language can include, but is not limited to:
    • Swearing
    • Crude words or expressions
    • Threats against anyone
    • Sexually explicit language, in general or directed at a person
    • Words or expressions that generalize about or can be offensive to groups of people based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality, disability, etc.
  • If you observe someone using inappropriate language, report it to your manager immediately.

Due to strict harassment laws and our desire to have a safe and fun workplace, being involved in any of the above behavior may result in disciplinary action including probation and/or termination.

Classic Fun Center is an equal opportunity employer. We abide by the Utah Anti-Discrimination Act of 1965:

We do not refuse to hire, promote, discharge, demote, or terminate a person, or to retaliate against, harass, or discriminate in matters of compensation or in terms, privileges, and conditions of employment against a person otherwise qualified, because of race; color; sex; pregnancy, childbirth, or pregnancy-related conditions; age, if the individual is over 40 years or older; religion; national origin; disability; sexual orientation; or gender identity.

Utah has also added additional protections which provide that employees may express religious and moral beliefs in the workplace in a reasonable manner on equal terms with similar expressions allowed by the employer and that employers may not discharge, demote, refuse to hire, retaliate, or discriminate against an individual based on expressions of religious, political, or personal belief outside of the workplace.


Two weeks prior to your anticipated last day of work, we ask that you submit written notice of your resignation so that we can anticipate recruiting needs. Resignation forms should be submitted in the HR box. We would love to have a final review before your last of work. 

Employee reviews will held regularly in order to improve our staff relationships. Your performance and our performance will be discussed, and suggestions will be shared. Reviews result in various types of action such as probation, termination, or a raise (most frequent). The goal is to help you improve, even outside of the workplace. We care about your interests, including your professional development and education. We expect all of our student-employees to maintain good grades.