In 1978, we opened the doors of our skating rink with a special vision. We believed that every moment in our skating rink would become a great memory. Over 35 years later, we continue to hear memory after memory. The thing is, those memories come back to us. We remain a birthplace for memories from the time a child can walk all the way until they can’t. These memories extend to the incredibly talented individuals that make up our staff. This book is dedicated to them - each and every member of our staff who has worked tirelessly to be a part of the everlasting memories. The work is not done, and we will never stop. This book is an extension of our vision. The principles that guide us are the core of our business. Those guiding principles are plainly described in this book. If you are new to Classic, we welcome you for who you are. It is your personality, your talents, and your energy that will keep us a living memory. Thank you for joining us!


In it since the beginning has been our owner, Scott Henderson. Our culture and business are an extension of him. With every chance he gets, he visits the facility. He tries to be over-bearing, but most of us see him as an easy going fella. His passion for the business sets the standard for the rest of us. He wants nothing more than to see the business succeed as a result of our commitment to our core values. He puts the tools in our hands and gives us the opportunities to make significant contributions across the board. 


Classic Fun Center is a family owned business. As such, we have an owner at the top of our chain of command. The goal as managers and employees is to create an operation where the owner can comfortably visit and not have to worry. The owner's vision and mission should be held by all those who consider themselves a part of the business. It is a family business, and a memory making business. Typically, the owner will assign a general manager to run daily operations. This general manager will then select department and shift managers to help him or her to carry out the owner's vision. Employees are just as important to the business as anyone. Employees become managers and leaders, and will be treated with the same respect from the beginning. We are all team members on the same team looking to accomplish the same vision through the same goals.