Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I bring a cake in for my Classic Fun Center birthday party?
A: Yes. We allow outside cake and birthday desserts. However, we do not allow any outside food or drink.

Q: Can we still bring a birthday desert if we didn't buy a birthday package?
A: Yes.

Q: Are birthday party packages just for children? A: No, any age is welcome!

Q: Do you allow any outside food?
A: We allow you to bring a cake from elsewhere for a birthday party but we do not allow any other outside food.

Q: What is included in the birthday party packages?
A: Click Here

Q: What different kinds of birthday packages do you have?
A: Click Here

Q: What are the prices for your birthday packages?
A: Click Here



Q: Do you sell food, drinks and snacks at Classic Fun Center?
A: Yes, we have a variety of Food including: Pretzels, churros, waffles, cotton candy, pizza, chicken tenders, french fries, corn dogs, popcorn, ice cream, icees, apples, nachos, soda, shakes, chocolate milk, monsters, PB&J's, mozzarella Sticks, and root beer floats.   

Q: Do you have any gluten free items at Roo's Cafe?
A: No, but we hope to very soon!

Q: Do you have any special deals at the snack bar?
A: Only with the Monday night family special.


Q: Are skates included in the price of entry?
A: No,  they cost an extra $2

Q: What size skates do you have?
A: Men sizes in full sizes NO half sizes.

Q: What is not allowed on the skate floor?
A: Rip sticks, balance bikes, wiggle trikes, and skateboards.

Q: Are strollers allowed?
A: Yes

Q: Do I have to pay to come watch my kids skate?
A: No, parents are welcome

Q: Can I trade my skates for something else?
A: Yes, If you pay a $1 upgrade for blades or scooters

Q: Is there an age restriction for Disco Night?
A: Yes. 16 years old.

Q: Why do I have to sign a liability waiver?
A: To ensure that our customers understand that they are participating at their own risk. 

Q: Do skates run big or small?
A: Skates are true to size for men but run a size and a half small for women.



Q: Can I buy prizes?
A: Yes, its 3 cents per ticket.

Q: Can I return tokens?
A: No, tokens cannot be returned for a refund.

Q: What is your most popular arcade game?
A: Currently it's our Spongebob game.


Q: Do you have to wear socks in the bounce houses?
A: We highly recommend socks but It is not required, however no shoes are allowed.

Q: Is there an age restriction on the bouncy houses?
A: There are two bouncy houses that are 5 and younger, the rest are not restricted by age.

Q: Are there any rules for the bouncy houses?
A: No jumping over walls, no flips, and keep roughhousing to a minimum.

Q: Is there a weight restriction on any of the bouncy areas?
A: No, but age limits are specified on the specific bouncy houses.

Q: How often do you clean your bounce area?
A: Weekly

Q: Is there an employee watching each bounce area?
A: Yes, there is a safety guard on duty after 4 Mon-Fri, Saturday is covered all day. 



Q: What are you daily hours?
A: Monday - Thrusday 11am-9pm, Friday 11am-12pm, Saturday 12am-12pm.

Q: Can I upgrade passes?
A: Yes, come talk to us at the front desk!