A Roller Skating Wedding Reception at Classic

"Celebrate Good Times!" is our mantra here at Classic Fun Center. And we can't think of a better time to celebrate than at a wedding reception. Today we're sharing photos from Joni & Nate's Wedding reception held at Classic!


A skating rink is for sure a non-traditional venue for a wedding reception, but it worked perfectly for this couple who loves to inline skate! And more than a year later, friends and family still talk about how much fun they had skating and celebrating their marriage.


Read what Joni had to say:
"It's cliche as ever, but life is too short to be anyone else. When I imagined my wedding, I wanted it to be full of fun and laughter and loud. Where people didn't just come in for 20 minutes pay their dues, eat some food and leave. I wanted a party! And even though I got some push back from various folks, most people who heard the location of our wedding reception said, "That is so you!"

And that's what my business is about. It's about inspiring people to own their story by taking a step back from the day-to-day, slowing down a bit, and doing self-introspection with a little more honesty. Owning our story isn't always easy. Maybe it's not mainstream. Maybe it's different than what we expected or what other expected of us. Maybe it means removing some responsibilities from my life. Perhaps, it takes a little bit (or a whole lotta) courage to see ourselves clearly. Even though it's hard, owning and then living out my story is so fulfilling. I do what I want, work on myself in the way I see fit, and spend time with my favorite people.

This is not a dress rehearsal. This is the one life I get, so I better live it my way."


See a complete photo album of Joni and Nate's wedding reception on our Facebook page!

Joni runs a company called Better Than Busy, it promotes and teaches women about self-care. A big part of self-care is owning your own story and who you are. Sometimes women bind themselves to rules, standards, and shoulds that don't really matter, and they deny the joy of living life the way they really want....like pushing back on the traditional venues for a wedding reception because they "should" and instead hosting it at a skating rink.

All photos by www.colemaxfieldphotography.com